Building Data-Driven Businesses

Building successful data-driven companies

The perfect partner for data services and growth. Our services range from strategy, analytics to hands-on management capabilities, create innovative data products, projects and ventures.

Innacco is a partnership of entrepreneurs and venture creators that develops, launches and scales next-generation business ventures founded on data and machine learning. Our strategic, R&D and financial platforms empower us to build market-leading companies anywhere in the world.


Are you a Data Talent?

Are you an Entrepreneur?

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A great place to work for innovators, entrepeneurs and other talented individuals who believe data is an essential element in making business successful. In short: we welcome everybody who will help deliver the AI promise!

Empowerment and creativity are the foundation for our teams to invent new products, rethink new business models, improve businesses and make organizations more successful.


We provide the resources and recruit the bold talent needed to generate and nourish data-themed initiatives and ventures.


Winning ideas become reality when we compose talented teams, provide cutting-edge technology and develop ambitious concrete business plans.


Innacco works with entrepreneurs and invests in the early development of daring products and services by furnishing crucial venture funds.


We offer board support, financial and operational services and the strength of our development center to provide companies with the resources they need to enter the market.


Working with an extensive operational and strategic network, we assist businesses in growing, entering new markets  and corporate development.


Thought leadership, an industry-leading reputation, sustainable growth or a loyal customer base: whatever your overarching ambitions, we help you transform them into returns.

Innacco is a unique venture builder with a focused mission

Enabled by data, artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the way businesses operate from the ground up. Building successful data-driven businesses requires deep expertise in both entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology.

A team of seasoned entrepreneurs.

We believe in a hands-on approach to the ventures we support.

It is only through close collaboration and deep engagement with our portfolio members that we can offer unparalleled market access, scalable technology and a unique, rich network of entrepreneurial talent.

We specialize in data-driven business models and machine learning.

We all have backgrounds in data science domains and experience with developing applications, services and solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Innacco is a diverse team of founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders with a shared passion for creating and nurturing data-driven companies. Each of us has helped establish and build successful international businesses. Get to know our team.

Data-driven ventures and related companies

Learn more about the successful companies our team has supported from their earliest beginnings all the way to sustainable growth and ROI.

(un)lock the value of your personal data.  NowYu is a secure digital solution enabling GDPR-compliant personal data exchange between suppliers and consumers in a trust-based way that puts the consumer in charge.

NowYu enables you to publish your intentions, and to browse and manage vendor offers.

Artificial intelligence has evolved from a buzz word to a reality in organizations active in many industries. Companies are seeking to adopt more advanced analytics and artificial intelligence-based technologies. Syntize provides data science and machine learning services.

Using NLP technology, we have created the talentguide™ Library, a comprehensive database that links skills and activities to specific jobs, employees, and education within a company. The library is continuously enhanced through machine learning and benchmarked against evolving industry standards.

While many companies sit on a mountain of data, they often struggle to get business benefits out of it. provides a framework to create a clear data strategy unlocking all the potential in the data. We build a data strategy that transforms our customers’ business and delivers results.

Need a strategy or a roadmap for your enterprise? provides an easy to use platform to develop your corporate data strategy. Starting from scratch you can brainstorm with your teams, define goals, evaluate how it impacts your organization and develop a detailed data roadmap for your company, including new programs and KPI dashboard required to be successful.

As Solventure we proud ourselves of being experts in designing and implementing Strategy-Driven S&OP. We do that through a unique combination of people, processes, tools and analytics. 

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Digital operator support on the factory floor.

Azumuta is a modular online platform that helps people in a factory environment to increase productivity and quality of production by better communication and technological support.

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We enable smart, smooth and secure ecosystems for enterprises combining frictionless customer experience with best in class security. 


Spott is a Belgian technology company, and now a global player when it comes to interactive technology. Spott brings interactivity to images and videos and increases the engagement for any type of content and marketing campaign.


PieSync is the fastest growing real-time, 2-way customer data synchronization platform for small to medium-sized businesses that want to power their business by integrating their cloud apps. 


Limecraft offers 'off-the-shelf' workflows for specific formats like scripted TV, documentary and non-scripted entertainment. It is fully customisable to your specific requirements of media asset management, subtitling and localisation.


Meet the people behind Innacco

The family here at Innacco is a unique one. People with different personalities, backgrounds, talents and abilities have all been drawn together out of curiosity and the need to be challenged by a relevant problem every day. To collaborate and create solutions with minds that think on different tracks.

RALPH - Partner

Ralph has an impressive track record as corporate portfolio and product manager. He is always open to offer his knowledge and experience to start-up companies and organizations looking for optimizations or growth.

FRANK - Co-founder

As co-founder of Porthus, NGDATA and Innacco, Frank embodies the entrepreneurial mindset. Frank loves innovation, technology and data.


With experience as co-founder and partner in machine learning and cloud application ventures, Christophe is passionate about creating and growing businesses by combining entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technology and finance.

LUC - CEO Co-founder

Luc specializes in providing exceptional customer experiences through data-driven insights and has extensive experience in delivering AI and machine-learning solutions.